Orange County Free Rental Finder

Thank you for visiting my website.  What I offer is a free rental service and search.  Most of the people I work with are too busy and do not want to deal with the hassles of finding their next rental.  (Contacting multiple agents, setting up appointments, and filling out numerous applications).  Contact me and I take that all off your hands.  I know the market and the processes to save you time and stress.

How do I get paid?  The landlord pays me.  All leases have a built in commission to go toward the agent representing the tenant.

Start your search today by modifying the criteria below.  Another option is to simply fill out the contact form by clicking here input your criteria, and let me do the rest.

For frequently asked questions see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Orange County Free Rental Finder  is a FREE leasing service provided to tenants looking to rent a place in Orange County, CA. Our website provides you with a comprehensive search tool to search ALL available listings for lease in Orange County on the MLS. My experience as a leasing specialists will assist you with locating a rental property, submitting applications, negotiating the terms of your lease and ensuring you are well represented and protected throughout the process.

Who Am I? I am a Local Realtor with Watts Team Real Estate located in Aliso Viejo, CA.  I have a valid California State Real Estate License and have access to resources only available to real estate professionals. I am able to provide my clients with significant advantages over searching for property on their own. Contact me to find out what advantages I can offer.

How The Process Works? The process is so SIMPLE! Use the FREE search tool to find rental property in Orange County, CA and begin to create a list of properties you may be interested in viewing. Once you are ready to start viewing those properties in person, contact me. I will begin making appointments to show you properties that fit your criteria. Once we are ready to submit your application for a property, our I will begin the process of trying to get you accepted by dealing directly with the landlord and/or listing agent on your behalf. Upon acceptance of your lease application, our I will assist you in your final negotiations and signing of the lease agreement with your new landlord ensuring that you not only understand what you are signing, but also are thoroughly protected throughout the process.

How We Protect Our Tenants? Knowledge is power! I am up-to-date on business practices, landlord requirements and expectations, and laws surrounding the Landlord/Tenant relationship. For Example: DID YOU KNOW in California, it is illegal for a landlord to charge a tenant a non-refundable deposit? This includes but is not limited to security deposits, cleaning deposits, pet deposits and key deposits. These types of situations come up regularly and our leasing specialists will ensure that you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A TENANT!

How We Make Our Money? I am asked all of the time … If your service is FREE for tenants, then how do you make money? It is really quite simple. Almost every landlord offers a commission to the leasing agent that brings in the tenant. Therefore, I can make a small commission paid directly by the landlord for my efforts in bringing in a tenant. You get professional representation, access to visit properties in person prior to submitting an application, no headache of dealing with scheduling many appointments, and best of all … IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!

What If I Have Low Credit? In our current economy, you are not alone. There are plenty of options for people with low credit that can be discussed directly with our leasing specialists. Contact us for more information about these options.